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Thursday, August 03, 2006


I am a lover of ants. As a kid, I'd spent almost half an hour (maybe more if my mum is preoccupied at the market) gazing at the line of ants, busy with hunting and foraging in the sand and soil nearby. I admire them for their organised society, discipline and their hunting skills basically. I'd take a bug nearby and just lay it in their battlefield, observing the way every single one of the ants help out to bring down their prey. It is quite a slow process, but I guess that means I won't miss a single piece of the action. (It's a bonus if you're bored at the wet market with almost nothing to do but give way to rampaging aunties with bags or trolleys.) It's really nice to observe, although it may sound sadistic of me to sacrifice a bug's life for my own amusement. Ants are downright awesome.

Sadly, I hate to be in contact with them. Shit. Just came back from a 3D3N outfield training. (They call it the Advanced Section Proficiency Test. Basically, it's a platoon level operation, but if you feel that 15 people make a platoon, you're dead wrong. The original, or expected, strength to attend this course was 50 actually. Yeah, notice the big difference in numbers there, albeit the close similarity in pronounciation.) In any case, the point is, I've been bitten like nobody's business by the ants. Face, legs, arms, back and, crap, they didn't even spare the delicate part. I swear, it is the most irritating feeling to be bitten over and over from day to night, day one to day three. It is the jungle, so I had no choice there. It wasn't my home ground, and being on their turf, I guess I'm under their rules now. (At my house, the deciding factor for total war between me and them is pesticide. Heh. Deterrence.) It doesn't help that I have to prone/stand-to at locations where there are ant nests just under or beside me. Guys should understand what this means. Oh well, I'm home now. Nothing a few days of rest won't fix. Home is the best place to be!

Been engrossed in Michael Crichton's 'Sphere'. It's been an awesome book so far, and I although I've seen the movie before, the fact that I can't remember it well makes the book even more exciting. It is so good, that even the Regimental Police (RP) at the Ayer Rajah Camp took one glance at the book and just said "That's a great book man." All I could say was "You know it!". Heh. Won't be touching the computer for a few days I believe.

I'm getting that enlightened moment right now. Just want to get back on track with my guitar, computer and life. I just realised it's august. Haha. Time flies. I'm kind of excited to start over a new life, that of a free man. But I know I have to go through hell first before I get there. Oh well, perseverance comes into play.

Here's the MV of Mint Royale's 'Singing In The Rain'. I'm still addicted to it.

Here are other videos to look out for.

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