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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Bungalow On The Mountain

There is this bungalow I really like to go to, and it's situated atop this mountain. A very good friend of mine lives there, along with her wonderful family. Whenever there was nothing to do, or even when there was something else to do, we would decide to head there and take the arduous climb to the top, sweaty and breathless upon reaching the front gates. With a sense of achievement and relief, fun was the inevitable objective once we set our feet in.

There are a variety of things I love to do there. For example, there was music. We would make our own, or sometimes listen to our favourite artistes over the MP3 player or laptop. If I brought my own guitar, there'll be a mini jamming session, although I must admit, I suck at singing and lyrics. Her voice is way better than mine, and it sometimes feel like I'm from earth and she's from heaven. Heavenly voice. There used to be a piano there too, and she plays wonderful pieces too. I love piano songs, and she definitely played good one. There have been some recordings of ours and her other friends, and it feels good to hear them sometimes. Nostalgic.

There was also competition. We would challenge each other, or play doubles in a game of tennis. Our opponents are all in the top league of tennis, like Kim Clijsters, Serena Williams, Carlos Moya and Andy Roddick. Win some, lose some, but definitely fun. It's not easy to swing a racket with a controller, but we worked it out. She's definitely good at that too.

Somehow, there would always be this aura of relaxation whenever I stay there for a certain time. With the cool breeze of the air-conditioner, my eyes would grow heavier over time, putting me to a certain daze. I've dozed off a few times over there, but always woke up feeling superbly refreshed and ready. Maybe it's because of the high altitude and fresh air that I feel that way, but heck the science, it was just comfortable.

It wasn't all fun and no work. Sometimes, I would read picture books. One of the first few books I read was about shinigamis (death gods) and hollows, and how there was a battle between the two sides. It was one hell of a story, still ongoing and unfinished. I kept on reading until its latest chapter. Hours passed by quickly that day, but it was well spent. I could never have thanked her enough for such a nice story. I still read it now, every week whenever possible.

She has a wonderful family, and family tree. It makes me envious at times to think of it that way, but I'm absolutely happy for her and the life she's living now. I know that I can always count on her and her bungalow for a jolly good time, no matter how short or long the duration of stay was. It was fun, and it is still fun.

How I love the bungalow on the mountain. =)

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