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Friday, September 22, 2006


Is there anyone who
Ever remembers changing there mind from
The paint on a sign?
Is there anyone who really recalls
Ever breaking rank at all
For something someone yelled real loud one time

Everyone believes
In how they think it ought to be
Everyone believes
And they're not going easily

Belief is a beautiful armor
But makes for the heaviest sword
Like punching under water
You never can hit who you're trying for

Some need the exhibition
And some have to know they tried
It's the chemical weapon
For the war that's raging on inside

Everyone believes
From emptiness to everything
Everyone believes
And no ones going quietly

We're never gonna win the world
We're never gonna stop the war
We're never gonna beat this
If belief is what we're fighting for

What puts a hundred thousand children in the sand
Belief can
Belief can
What puts the folded flag inside his mother's hand
Belief can
Belief can

Taken from 'Belief' by John Mayer, from his new album Continuum.)

The more I listen to John Mayer's new album, Continuum, I find a certain maturity in his songs. He's reached a level to express words in beauteous wonder. I'm a fan of words, and although I'm still green in expressing them at a higher levels, I find motivation in his songs. It's not like heavy metal songs, which utter a few words in one line, constantly repeating to no end, just to make it sound nice with the banging of heavy guitars in the background. Every word is very well constructed, like the stacking of bricks to build a house, carefully positioned and cemented to make it strong and sturdy. I'm not an architect, but let me be one of words. I'm not trying to be biased here, being an avid John Mayer fan since his first appearance, but go give it a try. =)

Speaking of belief, the fasting month is coming up, starting this sunday. I know people know me as some sort of a weak believer, but I still respect religion and its teachings, hence I will fast as best I can. Like my father always says, "No matter which religion you're in, it's always good, because they teach you the good qualities in approaching life. It is man, the students of religion, who bends the teachings." I find that very true. Man is an uncontrallable creature, given with the power of choice. Where good can be a conceptual bad, and vice versa, every one of them thinks differently. There is no iron grip to bar them from anything they wish to do. As such, religion only shows the path. It is only a matter of following the path, like a sober man could. I emphasise the word could, as it is a matter of choice. Man, the creature of choice.

My train of thought goes in the direction of choices. At every intersection, there are signs of choices, and as the driver, I direct it in the path I wish to go. That's my simple outline of life. Life's all about making choices. Decide for yourself, and not let others make them for you.

I'm rather thrilled about the upcoming movie marathon. The last time, it was wally, val and me, over at the house of wally. We didn't watch an insane number of movies, but it was fun. And here we are again, about to organise another one next monday night. We will be going to sam's house this time, thus introducing our possible 4th member. Haha. Much appreciation goes to her for 'offering her house' for this occasion, in the words of wally. This is the plan so far, and it is still pending confirmation. Nonetheless, I await the good news.

'Mansy. Half-man, half-pansy.'

Damn you Conan O'Brien, for making the most ridiculous characters alive. Haha. Love his show. I am a regular viewer now. You should too.

That's it.

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