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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Down The River

I'm floating down a river
Oars freed from their holes long ago
Lying face up on the floor of my vessel
I marvel at the stars
And feel my heart overflow

Further down the river

Two weeks without my lover
I'm in this boat alone
Floating down a river named emotion
Will I make it back to shore
Or drift into the unknown

Further down the river

I'm building an antenna
Transmissions will be sent when I am through
Maybe we'll meet again further down the river
And share what we both discovered...
Then revel in the view

Further down the river

(From Aqueous Transmission by Incubus)

I''ve finally reached the 2 month mark. It's exactly that much to my ORD date, and it feels quite good, amidst the heavy load of work I'm still doing in camp. It's nothing to complain about really. I'm more than content knowing I'm reaching the finishing line. It's the same feeling I get from my Army Half-Marathon (AHM) this year. A freakin' 21 km, and boy was that one wicked run. But despite the tired feeling I get from running, the knowledge that I completed my first half-marathon was rewarding indeed, and within the target timing as well. My timing was two hours thirty-six minutes. Sure, that may seem nothing to seasoned runners, but it means a whole lot to me as I've missed quite a lot of the training sessions, which is the only time I have for such things. I'm definitely up for running again next year, and when that time comes, I'll definitely make something better out of it.

Had a good small talk with Aloy today in camp. It's good to know that we'll both be in the same course next year in NTU. Imagine finding someone of the same faculty before you even started. Definitely cool. He's the only one I know of, who I don't really know of, who's in the same course. Looking forward to having partnerships with him.

It's been quite a long month, and you can tell by my absence from the blogging world. There's just been so many things going on simultaneously in my life now, especially at work. It's never been heavier, but somehow, I've made it through. I'm becoming more and more involved, and that's quite a bad sign really. Signs of a workaholic. It's about time I laid back and let my understudies settle future problems. I've delayed my leave plans a little, but nothing is going to change me from actually taking them. Hoh.

It is a moment of temporal silence between me and my friends. I've been keeping quite a low profile, messaging more to those I am closer to. My handphone has never been so inactive, as if it suddenly stopped taking Viagra pills. But it is only for these last two months, as I've been using my trusty, old Nokia 6610. I still love it. It holds quite a lot of fond memories of the past, with messages from people I care about, dating as far back as 2003. Alas, it has its limits, and I've deleted some of it. Nevertheless, memories never die. Back on track, I'd like to apologise in silence to my friends for my inactive status. I'll be sure to pop back right into your life in the next corner of life. I can alread see the turn coming. Just a little more.

There's been another question annoying me recently, and I wonder if anyone knows how to choose it. Let's see what you think about it.

'Would you rather love a girl who loves everything you love or hates everything you hate?'

Rather tricky. I came to the conclusion that I should choose the latter.It may be quite obvious to some, but have you thought of the consequences?

Let's say you chose the first option. Sure, she may like the same things such as PS2, rock-climbing and guitar, but what if she hates your idol and your favourite dish that always perks you up with a slight taste on your buds. Wouldn't that suck?

But let's say you chose the latter. You have already settled on the fact that you will definitely hate techno music, lady fingers, people who talk too much but show no balls and the show Singapore Idol with the bad music. Then you slowly spend time on finding out that you like John Mayer and she's ok with it, and she idolises Alanis Morisette, and you're ok with that too. Wouldn't that be a better option?

Well, this is just one of those pondering moments again. Well, time to dream and think again. Good night everyone, and I hope you've been well. Adios.

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