La Musique

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hellos To Goodbyes


The thought that came to mind as it becomes aware of a certain day, a certain date, as to the arrival of a certain person who has been absent from the island for nearly a year. Busy in the passage of study, she's been gone too long in the western country, however, unfazed by their cultural attempts of linguistic lingo and intellectual behaviour. However, the day has come, through months of patience and, of course, waiting. It wasn't long until they made contact, catching up on the archives that is their memories, as well as sharing new ones to expand it.

It was just like old times, bringing back a sense of deja vu. Nostalgia filled the mind as time went past, slowly while they're apart, and unnoticably while they're together. No matter the distance there, it definitely brought a sense of happiness to know that such an important person is here, within his reach, and within a ten minute drive from home. He treasures the friendship that has evolved through a strange first meeting, which shall never be forgotten. How strange that fate has brought together a strange mixture of events to strengthen the bond between them, as if experimenting for newer solutions to offer. It's not always about fun, but about being there for each other, listening to one another whenever you need to be listened, with full intensity. He's not a worshipper, but a friend, and he's glad that they became one.

Time's running out. He knows it, but yet he can't accept it. His cries are ignored, as time does not understand language. It understands that things must move, and move on. He tries to stop it, but only the photographs he took could fulfill that wish. A picture in hand or in the mind, he takes as many as possible, to remember whatever that can be remembered. But still, time moves in an unrelenting manner.

Time's up, and he's lost the battle yet again. But he's prepared, resolved, that someday, he'll see her again. He never said goodbye, as it will never be for good. But in his mind, it was the goodbye for another small chapter in his life. He finds difficulty expressing his sad self, but holds steady to ensure her that he'll be okay, and that he has trust in her in doing the same. It was his first time seeing the waterfall that day, and how serene it was. With the same hug that meant hello, they hugged to bid their farewells. A flurry of emotions overcame him that dumbfounded, randomizing the words he meant to say. Too late for any repairs, but never too late to say a "Take care" and "See you soon". He meant it.

It was short, but a time well spent. She can always count on him to be there, at any time, any distance. He'll be waiting once more, on that small island, until the day he can grow wings to fly over the boundaries to see her. The wings are taking shape, and it will slowly take shape with time. Until that day, he waits. For now, he has to say his farewell and thank you.

Goodbye, for now.

10:43 PM