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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Innocent Poetry

It's not everyday I get to have a packed day of anything but my army work, and yesterday was one such day. It was one of the most peaceful moments of my time at home and elsewhere. I'm not sure if it's a good thing, especially when there's a tendency of people to drop the bombshell on me at one go, but I guess there's no point in thinking too much into it. I'll just do whatever I can until I'm free from the shackles.

I started the day with the computer, surfing the blog of friends, as well as having conversations on MSN, which by the way, has very shaky connections for some reason. I can't seem to stay online for long. Anyway, with that done, and a small dosage of the latest episode 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien', I proceeded to my aim of the day. It was the time to pack up things in my room again, and it amazes me at how I find things that dates back to primary school still here.

I chanced upon my so-called autograph book. Back then, everyone was busy doing this early, while I was oblivious to such. It was rather last minute, but I tried anyway. I bought quite a cute, childish book called 'Miao Miao Club'. Haha. I didn't manage to get everyone's profile, but I did catch some important ones. Reading it all now, it seems really stupid how kids think, yet admirable. I remember back then, everyone made lame jokes and poetry, about girls, studies and friendship. I would say its pretty well done, considering we were kids after all. Here are some that will make you frown, but I still love them. (Hope you don't mind a little vulgarity in it.)

'April fool go to school
Tell your teacher she's a fool
If she scolds you, you don't cry
Pack your things and say chee-bye!'

'You in the taxi
Wearing a maxi
Drinking a pepsi
Looking so sexy
That lechers want to see
Remember to call me!'

Heh. That's by Poh Leong Ping, and he's a different kind of man now. I managed to chance upon him while learning driving at Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC), and learned he has signed on with Army as a technician of Armour vehicles. Whoa. I'm quite embarassed to say he recognised me way faster than I did, but at least, I managed to say the correct name. Take care dude.

'I met you as a stranger
I leave you as a friend
I hope we met(meet) in heaven
Where friendship never end'

Short and sweet, and that's by Joanne Goh. I purposely didn't correct the grammar for the word 'met', as there's something special about mistakes. I kind of love this poem, as it reminds me of how friendship was a big deal for kids at that age. I wonder how they got the idea that friendship never ends in heaven? Haha. Seems very assumptious. Thank you!

'Birds fly high, hard to catch
Friend like you, hard to get!'

I'm not sure who this is by, because the person just signed off. I presumed its the girl who was best at 'English' in our class, Jamie Tan. She's grown into a fine, spunky, kinky woman. I know she was in Mass Communication in Ngee Ann Poly, and is now in NUS. We've met up as 19 year olds, and it was good to know she's doing all good. And her language is awesome now. Kudos to that. I've got quite a few links to her, as it turns out. What a small world eh. My respects to you!

'When you fall into the well, there's a rope
When you fall into the river, there's a boat
When you fall in love, there's no hope!'

'Before it's a city, Singapore is a town
Before you get into university, study hard now.'

Now these were written by Lok Miao Teng, one of the two "children" I had in primary school. She was so called my partner in class, together with another girl, Joyce Lin Huey Ling. I was in between them if memory serves me right. I really liked playing with them, and we would always remind each other to have good posture and not slouch by poking each other's ticklish spots, an action that brings about immediate good posture. I am a pretty sensitive person, so a slight tickle is really like major damage. Haha. They always called me 'daddy', and I had to settle down their fight for attention. It sure brings back memories. I've already met both of them again, in SRJC during the first 3 months. Miao Teng is still rather funny, and with a good heart at that. Joyce has grown to be quite the woman, and she looks really good now. I'm glad I raised both of them well. Hoh. I still care for you both!

'Ahmad Ahmad in the air
Ahmad lost his underwear
Ahmad says he don't care
Cassandra will buy him 2 hundred pairs.'

'Kick the table
Kick the chair
Don't kick Cassandra down the stair.'

'See you in the ocean
See you in the sea
See you kissing Cassandra
Opps! Excuse me!'

Now these "masterpieces" were done by Sing Geok Shan! Haha. But I don't blame her. The reason she wrote this was because I used to tease her quite a lot. But we were still friends. Just kids having childish meaningless fun with each other. Hoh. Cassandra was a girl in my class who, I think, liked me. I was very shy about love then, and I was totally horrendous at handling such things. I used to recall always trying to avoid her, not because I don't like her, but I was just shy. Haha. I still managed to talk to her a little, but I wished I handled the situation a little better. I understand that a girl's emotions and feelings are nothing to play with. Alas, shyness was such a big obstacle back then. Cassandra, thank you for your feelings, and I appreciate them. I wish I could tell you that in person, but I have not been in contact with you for donkey years man. Thank you for the fun experience. And Geok Shan, your time will come! (>.<)

Well, that's all I'm going to share. I'm smiling as I'm writing this, because it's really quite funny, thinking through it after all these years. Have I really grown 20? Maybe not. I can still feel the kid in me, just waiting to burst out once more. Thank you, my wonderful rojak of friends. You've made me what I am today, and you all will still have a big place in my heart.

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