La Musique

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ring Tone

Attention: Art Friend, Takashimaya

Good day to the staff of Art Friend. This is a friendly note from an appreciative customer of yours.

From one of my previous visits there, I came across a familiar sound, or, song actually. It was a Stevie Ray Vaughan ring tone from a customer. She was kind of tanned, had medium length hair, was roughly 1.64m tall, and definitely attaractive. She seems to be a student, at roughly 19 of age. The most noticeable thing is that, she has a SRV ring tone!

Being a fan of SRV, this elated me to Big Bang proportions, especially when it is used as a ring tone, and by a young girl at that. This moment of rarity has left me with the greatest regret of not getting to know her, or at least, her name.

If there, by any chance, happens to be such a girl that you know of, it'd be nice to know. Other than that, this is a letter of appreciation to you, for bringing in the most unique people to you. Thank you for the rare moment.

Yours truly
SRV fan

9:34 AM