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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Can I Speak To You

I found this audio clip that is really damn creative and hilarious. Now I know I'd never work as a telemarketer, well, at least not in the USA anyway. Strain your ears, cos there's quite a bit of laughter that blocks the conversation. Still, it's good.

I'm currently using a Nokia 6610 right now, and somehow, it feels good to use old things. It's not old enough to be considered an antique or a thing of the middle ages, but old enough to be out of trend. It's my most reliable phone. It has never failed me, is user-friendly and is filled with sentimental value. I've had this phone since 2003, on my birthday. I bought this phone because of my ex the last time. We made a promise to buy the same phone. (It was one of the famous colour handphones at that time. She never bought it in the end.) Since then, I've been saving messages of importance to me. Some people can never see why I should be even saving a message that only says 'Yes'. But you know, by looking at the date and such details, I can remember conversations that really meant something. Things and subjects that gives those little tugs in your heart, like how an angler feels when he he hooks something heavy in the Pacific Ocean, unexpectant of what kind of big catch he is getting. On a side note, it seems my Inbox is a source of entertainment, seeing as to how I keep some ridiculously useless messages. One man's garbage is another man's treasure.

Anyway, I'm kind of enamoured by the Nokia N80. Haha. I will try and get it during the Christmas promotions, when my Starhub line expires. Whether I keep the old number or not, I'm still unsure as to that for the moment. I want to leave some of the memories behind this number. But N80 is definitely on my list of things to get. I need to get a job.

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