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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Red. My favourite colour, probably the first one I got such feelings for. People who know me have seen me wear red a lot of times. Clothes, accessories, bags, there's definitely some red you can find on me. My all time favourite character was the Red Ranger, Jason, from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I was so into the program that after saturday extra lessons at my primary school, I'd run home, even through the rain, just to catch it in the nick of time. (It was broadcasted weekly, on saturdays, at 10 am, if memory serves me right.) I was recently crushed when I was told he acted in a gay porn movie. *Goes into shock* Although I've not seen direct evidence to this, the image has been tarnished. Heh. I still support the Red Ranger though. Anyway, my take on red? Power and lust. It feels good, wearing red.

Green. Comes close to red. To me, it represents every environmental aspect of me. Green makes me calm, as it reminds me of the wonderful world of nature, with all its little insects to the giant beasts of the jungle. It's not exactly like a five-star resort to live in the wild, but you have to admire the beauty of nature, and the course it takes. Eat or be eaten, every organism has to live with the fear of losing their life everyday. It's not easy. And you'd wonder, what if we started living like the wild animals? Murder wouldn't sound very wrong if that happened. Aside from the reality of such a world, there's underlying beauty everytime. Just take a look at National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel once in a while. It feels good, watching green.

Blue. An underdog of a colour. It's the one colour that I truly feel relaxed in. People say I resemble a blue guy, because of the calm person I am. Well, their opinion anyway. I'm unsure as to whether that is really true, but I do know I enjoy watching the blue sky and sea. Again, something to do with the world, but you've got to admit, we do live in a wonderful world. Whether it remains that way, I guess humans have to realise sooner or later that unless some conservative attitude is imbued into us, the world will continue to rot further, or, die off sooner. Does humanity truly knows no boundary, or is it ignorance in play? In any case, blue makes me feel small. Compared to the sky and sea, I'm nothing more than a tiny speck, ignored by the world. It feels good, to be warped in blue.

Pink. Not exactly a colour I would appreciate, but it has its admirable side. In all honesty, I am quite the kind to be biased against it, at first. Then someone made me wear a pink shirt once, and I thought to myself, it ain't all that bad. Heh. I guess I hated it because of Barbie and stuff like that. It made anyone who touched it look gay. Well, childish thoughts aside, it's just a colour, predominantly judged by society to be a girl thing. Mental barriers in place, it's not hard to see why I was kind of biased. Alas, I've grown, and I appreciate, the colour, especially when today, I've finally gotten back my pink Identification Card (IC). Haha. Pink. It's the new trend. It feels good, to feel pink.

Colour. It's good to see all of them.

Well, that sums it up. On a side note, I would like to say ORD LOH~!

I know it's cliche, but heck, it's finally over! The tradition of such exclamations lives on.

11:09 AM