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Friday, November 24, 2006


A long time ago, when I was still enjoying my life as a secondary school kid, there came a point I was asked to explain something to a teacher in class. I don't remember what it was about, but in the end, we I had an enlightenment on two very simple words. Those of 'Want' and 'Need'. She explained to me that there's a big diferrence in wanting and needing something. It could be anything. A desired object of affection, a human source of affection, a scheduled favourite television programme, or even the action of going to release yourself in the loo. A sentence is made less or more meaningful when either words are substituted in.

I remembered I wanted a lot of things when I was younger. Those cool, remote-controlled mini helicopters, the Nikkon remoter-controlled cars, the Power Rangers Megazord and Dragonzord, the cool Hot Wheels set and much more. As a kid, you'd want anything that entertains you. I didn't even give a thought as to how much money goes into it. All that mattered was me getting things. I didn't really get all that, save for the Megazord and Dragonzord. Maybe it was because I was shy, an introvert who wasn't willing to show any hint of desire for anything. I couldn't understand it back then, as to why I never said I wanted all those things. But the moment my teacher talked about the important difference between 'Wants' and 'Needs', it struck me right then. A sense of renewal as I understood myself. Why I never wanted it was because I never needed it. I fought the urge of showering myself with gifts as I kept on thinking about how my mum and dad worked so hard just to afford me education. That's why, everytime I gaze into my parents, I just couldn't bear to say it out. Simple words with heavy burdens. Money does not come easy, and neither do good parents. I'm proud to say I have the best parents around, and it pains me sometimes, to think I may not be able to achieve the one thing they want from me. Still, I love them. I need them in my life.

Even now, those words still linger in my head. I have a lot of things I want to get: American Fender Stratocaster Standard; Nikon D40; Nikon L5; Alienware computer; Playstation 3; Nokia N80; Gundam Wing model collections; Martin acoustic guitar. The list can go on, but I just think to myself, it's just things I want, not those I really need. I'm fortunate to be where I am now, to be who I am, and life goes on for me, with or without things I want. I never want to be the burden on anybody. It's just a bonus if I can get any of those.

I wish people knew how to distinguish what they want and need, because we live in a world oblivious to people's needs, needy people, historical artifacts and sites in need of repair, forests in need of protection, animals in need of preservation, and a global population in need of the truth from corrupted organisations. Are we that blind to the truth that we forget that we were given eyes? Are we so deaf to the cries of millions in pain? Are we that dumb to believe lies to be called the most intelligent being on the planet? It's time we started being aware of the things around us by finding it out ourselves. Free your mind from the bars of conformity, and seek the ugly truth you never knew. Do you want this knowledge? Do you need to know? The decision is solely up to you.

6:39 PM