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Monday, November 20, 2006

Rainy Pleasures

There's always been a certain type of relationship between me and the rain. I've always admired it. Somehow, I feel it makes the world a more beautiful place with every downpour it endows us. I realised this while walking the normal route to the old 147 bus stop, a place with fond memories of my first crush, insane early rides to zhonghua (a habit in the early years because I wanted to be in school first), having my butt molested by a short, old woman (it's sadly true) and of the longest 'open fly' record ever made by me (a woman got a first class view just 10 centimeters away while I was standing in the crowded bus; silent apologies to her). Well, let's not elaborate further on that. Heh.

In any case, it felt good to be outside once again, after days of wasting myself at home, punishing my biological clock by sleeping close to five in the morning, and waking up in the late afternoon. I can't seem to sleep early nowadays. (My mind tends to get active in the silent hours of morning, so it drags me along with it.) While I walk in the rain, shielded by my umbrella, I took a careful look at my surroundings. Sure, it's the same old path I used to take, but everything looks so pristine when it rains. You see all forms of objects glimmering to life, radiating some sort of beauty. The tree leaves were brightly green, as if it didn't need the sunlight anymore. The buildings displayed its colours proudly, after a cool, clean bath in nature's shower. People change with the rain too. I saw old folks relaxing under a hut-like structure, sitting down while enjoying the cool winds the rain offered, sometimes trickled by the tiniest drops of rain. Everything around me just feels so peaceful. I love the rain.

When I was in secondary school, whenever there was rain, I would leisurely walk in it, be it a light drizzle or a heavy downpour. Of course, this usually happens when I'm on the way home, and alone. I enjoyed the sounds of the raindrops hitting me, especially of those hitting my skull. It was music in the making, and if only I knew Gene Kelly's 'Singing In The Rain' lyrics then, I would have gladly danced and sang to it. I probably didn't care if anyone thought I was crazy, but I was always enjoying it. I'd come home, all drenched and shivering, pruned, and having all my books partially wet, thanks to a little protection from my bag and plastic folders. It was never my intention to get sick from the rain, which rarely occurs, as I love going to school. Back then, there was always something to look forward to. No, it's not because of school activities, but the friends I've come to know and love. Nothing beats life when accompanied by great friends. Glad to say I've met many good ones there.

There was also a very weird relationship between the rain, me and a particular friend of mine. When we wanted to go out and meet, there were a lot of times when it rained just before or immediately after we met, and we'd always be amazed how it always happens to be that way. But I liked that. It made me think that there was really a connection between me and her. Normally, people will be thinking it should be regarded as an omen, but hey, I love the rain. To me, it was a blessing.

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
We want to go outside and play
Come again some other day

Whoever thought of this song must have been a spoilt kid. Heh.

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