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Friday, November 03, 2006

Viewing Pleasure

From one end to the other, the view caught me by surprise, and I was left there speechless, awed by the serenity of such a sight. The air was still that night, but it was only a minor discomfort to endure in exchange for the joy I felt. Indeed, our pair of eyes are one of the greatest gifts given, unmatched by any forms of optical technology that claims to be the "world's best". Scanning the sky and the horizons, I was glad that hoon brought me to such a magical place. It was exactly the kind of scene that I had wanted to see. A mixture of Mother Nature's stunning beauty, with a slight pinch of civilisation basking in its technological achievements, under the permanently humble light from the moon and stars, to be doubly replicated in the reflection of the gentle waters, and left untouched by the corroding hands of humanity. Simply put, it was stunning. A sight I shall selfishly keep secret, to preserve its beauty for just a little longer.

From a request, I went on to search for a perfect place to view the sunrise here in Singapore. It is that never-ending quest to find that one spot that will make you feel lucky to be alive, just from the sight of it. What better person to ask for such help other than hoon. Through the many times we've gone out, I've always respected her for always being out of the ordinary, conversing and knowing many things and places we normally do not even notice. She is the ultimate outdoors buddy.

What was originally set out to be a quest for the perfect sunrise ended up being a journey of admiration, travelling to different corners of the land, enjoying the breeze and wavy waters. Sometimes, you just don't need a sunrise to make your day. All you need is the serenity of your surroundings, the cool breeze with no weird odours, a cooling spot to chill out, and great company. Of course, a starlit sky is a bonus if you're lucky. We stayed till very late, or rather, very early.

I also feasted on watching 'The Prestige' yesterday. Like any other person who has watched the movie, I would like to say it was downright awesome, and in the words of a friend, 'tricky'. I like movies that will keep you grounded, with no guesses, until the very end of the movie. May there be many more great movies to come. Anyway, no spoilers here, so I'd just like to say, please watch the movie. I highly recommend it.

Pardon my absence from the blogging world, but I've yet to find any form of inspiration to induce myself to a sense of endless writing. For the moment, I'd like to ensure that I've been busy immersing myself in the world of books, and not rotting myself away. A friend had been rather worried when she didn't see me online or blogging for a rather long time, and I am very touched by that. Haha. A toast to you for feeling that way. I'll keep in mind that I should at least drop you a short mail, or a sign, to show that I'm not dead or have been paralysed by a sting from a dangerous organism, or maybe tied up by secret operatives hired by people with too much money, or had my fingers, toes and nose chopped off by the mafia, or had my computer disabled because I was too poor to afford electricity or go to a cyber cafeteria. Thank you. I miss you.

Other than that, silently cheer for me to continue blogging with a higher frequency. (That goes for you too inner voice.)

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