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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Pick Of Destiny

I just went to watch Tenacious D's 'The Pick Of Destiny' the other day. Maybe it's because I'm a fellow guitarist who knows of Jack Black's and Karl Gass' insanely humorous style of guitar playing and singing that compels me to watch. It was not bad. You'll like all the weird guest appearances and songs.

I don't know. When it comes to music, and it involves a guitar, I become highly interested to find out more about it: I strain my ear to hear even the lightest sounds of the guitar in the background in any song; I observe any other guitarists intensively to study their level of skill and accuracy; I get mildly irritated when I see someone playing the chords wrongly for songs I know of; I get very annoyed by people who try to play John Mayer songs, and any other artistes I know of, but end up making it sound like thrash. (Wally, you know who I'm talking about. The Heeren's, remember?) I'm not an expert, but I respect songs enough to play as true to it as possible, with a little improvisation here and there. I guess there's freedom in music, as long as it sounds like music right?

In any case, have a look at this. It's something I did while I was at wally's house. I was kind of motivated by the videos of people playing covers in youtube, using their small camcorders or camera phones to record while they're playing, and then posting it online, vulnerable to any form of comments from just about anyone. It's not something I'd like to flaunt about, but yeah, have a look and comment if you want. I tried to play as close to the original as I could. Wally did the singing.

Well, not much to talk about these days. Call it a mental block. I've been playing Final Fantasy XII continuously for close to a week now. Playing hard into the night until I see the light of day. I was a hardcore gamer then, and seems like I haven't lost the touch. Heh. Well, look at is this way. The faster I finish it, the faster I can get to doing other stuff in waiting. That's it for now.

7:31 PM