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Monday, January 22, 2007

Between Questions And Answers

It's not unusual to be asked questions. There's all sorts of them, most of which requires an answer in return. As kids, we are guilty of being the gattling guns of questions. I wonder how it never seem to obliterate the parents and teachers who endure every single one of them or evade them, Matrix style. Sometimes, taking advantage of our innocence, they feign answers so unbelievable that we believe them as well. Can you imagine having a kid firing at least 20 'Why this?' or 'Why that?' questions? (Damn, there I go again, with the question marks? Hmmm?)

I'd like to think of questions as the beginning of a journey. And as for every journey, there's always a distance to cover. Whether you reach the ending point of such a journey, it depends on the complexity of the question. Like, let's say, someone asks you, "Who created life?". Depending on your religion or beliefs or sanity, the distance covered can be both long and short. It's just a matter of what tickets you chose to board your train of thought.

Now, if you are a faithful Christian, that would awfully seem like a short journey. God, they shall say.

If you were a Muslim, then it'd be similarly close too. Allah, they'll say.

Now if you were an apathetic person, that distance can be even shorter. Dunno, they'll say.

If you were a scientist, you can expect a long journey of explanation regarding the Big Bang Theory, together with supernovas and the birth and death of stars that seems to provide a chain reaction of creating worlds and what not, and to make it even more detailed, it might go down to the finest details of atoms and their atomic structure, and to go further into the fine print, for the sake of boasting of high intellect, they can further to the packets of photons that determines the energy level of an atom, then return to the theory of evolution, starting from small organic lifeforms which evolved to become even more complex creatures in a process that took years in the millions or billions, leading to lifeforms we see today. Inconclusive, they'll say, in the end.

If you are a hardcore player of Katamari Damashi (or Katamari Damacy in the USA), you'll come to explain the totally out-of-the-question answer that the King Of The Cosmos once destroyed the entire planetary and solar system by accident, so he sent his son, the Prince, to roll his Katamari (magical ball) to roll things up to restore them, and life itself. Katamari, they'll say.

Now, I don't know which train you'll board, but take this chance to choose your train of thought wisely to any question. As you can see, there are limitless destinations to choose, so the only thing to really consider properly is being true to yourself and the person in question when answering. Always recognise the importance of good answers to anything.

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