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Friday, January 12, 2007

Time Travel

Recently, I had a dream of myself being a time traveller, exactly like the way it goes in the book 'The Time Traveller's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger. I think it may somehow be influenced by it, seeing as to how I am reading it now, with full immersion everytime.

Like the book, I had a wife, who showed a sense of worry and and concern everytime I disappear to another time, wondering if I ever will come back to her in one piece. I couldn't remember who my wife was, and I regret not knowing it. In any case, during those time travelling experiences, seems like I visited a lot about my past. I vaguely remember being in primary school, revisiting the school and teachers, and watching whatever experiences I went through as an outsider. It wasn't much, but it felt pretty weird, seeing another you out there. It wasn't all rosy and peaceful. For some reason, I was sucked into a terrible or embarrassing experience everytime. When it happens, I get transported to another time. So it went on to secondary school, and I think it had to be around 3E1 time, then in JC2, then finally back to reality. I think I might have missed out quite a lot of things, but it was kind of weird and fun at the same time. This happened quite a while back, so writing about it now is kind of hard.

Still, I felt some sort of significance from the dream. I think I've now explored to another part of my mind. I feel so because I rarely have dreams, and when I do, they are always places that I recognise, with characters that recognise me and pick up from where we last left it. This time, it was different. Somehow, with each dream, I get transported to a certain area of my mind. Whether they are fragments of my memories or just areas of my mind, I know not. But having to remember all these places sometimes make me wonder about the reality of it all. I'd like to think that dreams are signs to something, either about yourself or the future. While the message can never be clear at times, try to give it some thought. I've watched a Discovery Channel documentary about dreams before, and they did mention something about dreams being something about memories or signals of some kind. That was so long ago, when you have ample time after school to watch lots and lots of TV. Yeah, of all channels, I liked Discovery Channel the best when I was that age. Science is just my interest.

That aside, I do think I should go get some early rest now. It's about time I shape up. Good night.

12:59 AM