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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Go Anywhere

'Go Anywhere' by John Mayer (As in Any Given Thursday DVD)

Fold me up
Take me out
I'm portable

Fold me up
Take me out
I'm portable

Well out here
We have anything we want
We have anything we want at all

Out here, we just bolt it to the floor
Tape it to the wall

Rolling with a satellite
Watching the Cosby Show on Nick at Nite
I'm weird but I feel alright
I am a soldier now

Fold me up, fold me up
Take me out, take me out
I’m portable

Fold me up, fold me up
Take me out, take me out
I'm portable

Out here, we're just singin', playin' whatever we feel
And the threat of falling out of bed at night is real
When you're traveling on a box with 18 wheels

If I can go anywhere at all, if I can go anywhere at all
If I can go anywhere at all
If I can go anywhere, anywhere

And if I can go anywhere at all
And if I could go anywhere at all
I mean if I really, really, really can go anywhere at all

Won’t you tell me why, why, why,
Why Georgia why

Just a small taste of the musical genius that is John Clayton Mayer. (Yes, that is his middle name.) I really like this small introduction he did for 'Why Georgia' from his Any Given Thursday DVD, something which I bought many years back, excited me then, and still excites every bit as much, or more, even at this point of time. Still, I can't forget how HMV cheated me of my money by making me pay near to fifty bucks, as after a month from the point of buying, it went to half the price I paid. That moment was greatly taken advantage of by Wally, my dearest companion in anything John Mayer. Up until now, if I ever mention it, he would say, "Hah!" proudly for having bought at half the price. Alas, as a dedicated fan, I shall let HMV live. (Yes, you are spared too, Wally.)

Fold me up. Take me out. I'm portable. I mean, really.

In any case, I would like to have to tip my hat off to the wonderful television series, Scrubs. I've been watching quite a bit of it recently, and I must say, it's the most excellent form of comedy I've seen. Or, I might be biased in that sentence. What I meant to say is that, it's the form of comedy that I really feel comfortable with. (It comes close to Friends, which I'm guilty of not being able to watch every single episode.)

The way John Dorian, or better known as J.D., converses with himself in the mind is something I can exactly relate to. I am not shy to say that I do that a lot, sometimes wondering if someone has made an initiative to make a living in there, and pays off his rent by being the inner voice. As much as this make me sound like a nutcase, it actually helps to do a little discussion mentally. As people would most likely tell you, do think before you speak. (Just don't take it too far and actually try to get the number of the person in your head by constantly sweet talking him/her for it.) Back to reality, here's what I'm trying to say.

Go watch it!

Oh, a small shoutout to dae. I miss that best friend of mine.

Good night everybody.

9:23 PM