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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Mama Shop

I had promised my dad that I'd help him out with my cousin's wedding preparations on the previous Saturday, and I'm always true to my promises. Despite the late nights of defending Aiur and having irregular sleeping habits, I made it a point to go all out with helping my dad. (He's a great dad and person, always thinking of others before self, braving many tiring days doing everything her can to help his family. I admire this quality of his.)

I was delighted to have found out that I'd be doing the preparations near my primary school, Punggol Primary School (PPS). A place that holds many sweet memories, I was more excited about being near it once more, taking the nostalgic bus route back there again from my humble home. It feels incredible to walk in the footsteps of your younger self. You take the same route, but you take things in differently. Every stop it makes, I managed to visualise the friends I knew walking on the pavements, heading back home after a day at school, in that weird combination of pale yellow shirt and sea blue shorts/skirt. I'd remember the friends who lived in the buildings I passed by. I'll remember the puppy love moments of me just looking out for the girl I like who lives nearby. I'll remember, that I had a friend who lives just beside me, and we frequently took the journey home together.

That friend is a guy called Zhi Qian. I still remember him as being the quiet guy, always calm in his actions. He's selfish with words, and I'm the exact opposite of him then. Always making the small talks, always trying to get him to smile and talk more. Alas, even with such close proximity, I've never seen him since my graduation from PPS. I've come to conclude that he has moved to someplace else. If ever he finds this post about him, I hope he makes contact with me somehow. Memories.

I realised that the 'mama' shop at the destination bus stop was still the same. It's a shop called Majfa. I love that shop to bits when I was schooling then.

I bought countless cards for my collection. Spiderman. X-Men. Fighter planes. Battleships. It was a classic hobby. And I still have those cards here with me, preserved in photo albums or a bundle, locked away for no other significant purpose now other than a smile for the stupid things I've done to collect them. Back then, it costs me about two bucks or so for one small pack. I bought it every week without fail.

Indian curry puffs there were quite a favourite of mine after school. Despite always causing a mess eating it, it tastes really good. A good snack before I reach home to eat my mum's ol' cooked food. (I kind of regret not buying it that day, but I'll definitely head back to get my taste buds renewed on it.) Even after eight long years, they're still selling it. Amazing. It comes with really nice chilli sauce. Mix the two, and you're headed for a sensuous, tasty feeling. Brings me close to tears.

Who could forget the simple toy that is the styrofoam model planes. It was really dirt cheap back then. About fifty cents or cheaper. I can't recall, but it's just a simple plane that you make out of joining the wing and body parts together, and clipping the propeller to the nose as the finishing touch. Simple, but addictive. I haven't seen or played it in years, but it was one of those things I really liked. (Note to self: Buy all the different models twice. One for keepsake, the other for obvious reasons. (Note to note to self: For playing it of course! (Note to note to note to self: Find out the inventor of the ingenious toy.))) I used to play it with my group of friends at the void decks and fields. We'd always try to get the most air time possible, throwing it in every possible fashion we could think of. Hope I can find it when I head back there again. I had once threw it from my my house window, and it flew really well. Damn. I should try that again.

There was another thing I liked as well. The bubble maker. I can't really recall the brand, but I remember the casing was either a pink or blue, with a ring stick inside to blow bubbles from. That was fun as well. I'm beginning to think that I might enjoy doing it at this moment as well.

Phew. Writing all that made me feel good. I'm proud that I was a student there. It was always lively then, with so many irreplaceable moments created. And to think that I've only written about the 'mama' shop thus far. Heh. I shall continue the other half of this story on another day, whenever that is.

Punggol Primary. Pride in Performance!

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