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Sunday, August 19, 2007

All Aboard

For the past nine months, I've been living the life that most people could have wished for. No sense of urgency to go to work. (Except for the 3 3/4 months I spent at a law firm.) An independant power to schedule yourself to whatever activities you like, at any time. Long, intensive hours of gaming were never considered a hindrance to anything. Midnight supper at 24-hour food centres was always an option easily made. It was a life without care, you'd wish you were caught in that timeframe forever. It seemed long, but then again, it felt short. That was basically my ultimate holiday, the last of its kind probably.

If you've been wondering why I've not been posting new entries, it's probably because I've used up most of my time doing things that I'vealways wanted to do, and I can't spare that much a time to post entries at all. But here I am again, back here. A sign that says "Shit, I'm back on the main road."

I've been in school for about 2 weeks now, and although I miss the old days of slacking and gaming, it's been an interesting experience here. Being out of the education path for 2 years and 8 months makes you feel like a rusty engine, forcing itself to work again, with heavy effort. Alas, I'm slowly reaching that educational pace again, so hopefully, I'll reach it soon. It's never good to lag too far behind. That aside, here's a summarised list of things that's happened so far in school.

3rd August, Friday:
Went to collect my hall key, as well as attend the Freshman Welcome Day. Nothing was particularly exciting, other than the fact that I'm presented with chances to meet up with my old friends. Freshman Welcome Day was quite deceitful. I came with the idea that there was an important speech about how my course will run, seeing that the faculties were divided into two timing slots. Not worth mentioning.

5th August, Sunday:
Finally moved in to my little hall room. I'm in Hall 8. I quite love this place because of the hilly feeling it gives. A little hot, but bearable. Floor was really dirty to the point of colouring my entire soles black. Did cleaning and put my stuff into place. Like the first night when I went to BMT, had a hard time sleeping.

6th August, Monday:
Met up with Aloycious. Known each other since our Amoy Quee days. Funny and intellectual guy, and glad to know he's in the same course as me. Headed off to my school, Wee Kim Wee School Of Communication And Information (WKWSCI). Attended lectures, got lost a few times, perspired like hell. NTU does not let off on heat at all during the afternoons. Lectures were mostly introductions to the course. Very interesting lecturers for both COM203 (Dr Cherian George) and COM205 (Mr Paul Frenzo).

7th August, Tuesday:
Had only one lecture, and was introduced to another lecturer, COM201's Professor Hao Xiaoming. Very interesting lecturer, with a nice sense of humour. Natural affinity to make me laugh, among other people. Went home after that, as there were no more lessons for the week, presumably. (Not until I realised that there were the electives to follow. Sigh. Trips from home to NTU were long.)

9th August, Thursday:
Was at Wally's house since 7pm on Wednesday. Had our Movie Monster's Club movie marathon yet again, with Cori and Val being present. Finally got to watch Shawshank Redemption. Due to a series of unfortunate events, I've not been able to watch it 5 times previously. Unlucky streak broken at last. Spent all night there talking with the gang, and departed for home at 630am. Tired. Rested the whole day.

[First week was gone in a jiffy. Strange feeling.]

13th-17th August, Week 2:
Wave after wave of course readings, tutorials and subject registrations. Finally got a good timetable, and my confirmed electives are HE191 (Principles Of Economics), HH101 (What Is History: Concepts, Practices and Critiques) and LC80 (Elementary Chinese I). Timetable looks good. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays packed, Wednesdays and Fridays free for studying and other stuff.

17th August, Friday:
Went for the Singapore Fireworks Festival. ECP bridge was blocked off by the police. Heard it was because the past spectators were very rude. Singaporeans. Sigh. Found a pretty good spot to take pictures. First experience, so pictures were not as spectacular. Will learn from this. There was another ugly side to the whole experience. Shall elaborate on that in another post when I have the time. Basically, some Singaporeans are so kiasu and impatient, their stupidity leads them by the nose. Terrible.

18th August, Saturday:
Went to Lynette's birthday party. (Thank you for inviting me! Really enjoyed your party. Thanks for allowing me to experience one of the best sceneries around.) Had one of the most arguably excellent mushroom soups around. Fish & Chips were pretty high standard as well. Will definitely head back there again, camera in hand, stomach empty.

Haha. That was just a brief summary of the highlights these two weeks. It's hard to keep up with time sometimes, but I will try my best to keep this blog updated about the life I'm leading now. This may be my last schooling life, and I hope to make the best out of it.

I'm missing my best bud, daena, who's left for the US to pursue her studies. All the best there buddy. I know you'll do well, and I'll wait patiently yet again until you return. I kept my promise about keeping you updated okay! Take care of yourself, and as always, I'm just a call away. Sorry I couldn't be there when you flew off. =]

That's it for now.

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