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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Face It

I'm not sure how to say this, especially when I've been a huge resistance to the idea of it all, but I (somehow) have a Facebook account, the bane of life. However, the twist is, I'm not managing it. So for the poor victims who are subjected to the landlslide of information available there, do not panic. There are two reasons why.


1. You know very well I'll NEVER have a facebook. Or at least until I find one good reason to have it.


2. I actually granted permission to my "managers" to handle that account, and whatever funny and weird things you've encountered are not unbeknownst to me. Treat this as a chance to laugh at me, because sometimes, people forget to laugh at themselves. I find this whole ordeal amusing.


Facebook has been an issue of little importance to me, or any at all. Call me crazy, but leaving all your information lying around so carelessly and publicly can lead to the Internet being one of the most dangerous weapons in existance. I've always had a bad feeling about it, and I still do. Even blogging doesn't seem safe anymore. Imagine. Careful sourcing can tell anyone where you live, what you look like, what you are currently doing, how you live your life, what connections you may have, and so on. The scope of information anyone can retrieve is almost infinite. And they don't need hacking or malicious codes to do all this. It's just there, just ripe for the picking. How can we tell that whoever's watching and observing us aren't using this web of information in a wrong manner? So far, it seems we can never tell. Just where do the words privacy exist on the Internet?


As much as I am against having an account, I do not reject the qualities that it has. I'm not an experienced user, but I know it well enough to know some of the applications and options it offers. It's not a wonder that it is the leading social networking application on the web. Alas, my interest wanes at such things now. Having gone through Friendster and Multiply, I can conclude the extent of my use of them.


1. To post pictures so I can share what I've been doing and how I look like each day.


2. To write details and other relevant information as to my past, present and future state, be it contacts, location, aspirations, et cetera.


3. To be reminded of mine and everyone's birthday, even if they're not that close in your life.


4. To browse through my friends' and other people's accounts and check their versions of 1 to 3.


Maybe I see too far into the future, but that's how I've always been. Always seeing the big picture, although, not always perfectly.


In any case, this post is here to inform you about this new turn of events. Laugh it up.

1:22 AM